Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Birthday Dessert

My mom decided she wanted Molton Lava Cake for her birthday, so she put me to work.  These were surprisingly easy to make being that I never made them before.  Whenever I saw these in restaurants I always thought that chocolate fudge was injected in the middle of the cake, which is not the case at all. These little delights are simply a very rich chocolate cake baked only half way.  The outer shell is firm and moist while the middle is warm uncooked cake batter.  These were sooo rich and were definitely created for those who are chocolate addicts. If you want to make these yourself, here is the recipe!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Before the Rain

BDG Cigarette Jeans
Urban Outfitters Blouse
Jeffrey Campbell Wedges

Pictures taken by my boyfriend:

Its finally friday, which means a mini two day vacation for me! ooo wait... I have work this weekend. But rather than talking about plans, lets talk about the day! Today I had school and I decided to wear this outfit.  It was a chilly day and as each minute passed the sky grew gloomier and gloomier and now it is raining.  It was my mother's birthday today so my time was spent baking a dessert that my mother specifically requested, Molton Lava Cake and homemade Vanilla Gelato.  I will post these recipes a little later.  I hope you enjoy my favorite shoes, I love Jeffrey Campbells' shoes, they are fashionable and sooo very comfortable.

Hope you all had a good friday!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring Blossoms

Lela Rose knit top
154 GBP -

Corset top
15 AUD -

Lanvin platform wedge
$1,280 -

$48 -

Flower hair accessory
$3.99 -

High tea...

My boyfriend's mom has a beautiful home but there is one room that I love in particular.  In her upstairs restroom she created an elegant design that is very Marie Antoinette-ish.  I can imagine Marie Antoinette lounging in the tub snacking on french macarons and deciding what extravagant hairstyle she will wear next. I love everything about this restroom, I hope you feel the same. 

An image to ponder...

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Ecote Purse Urban Outfitters

I saw this purse and instantly fell in love.  Fortunately, I am lucky enough to have an amazing boyfriend to get it for me!  I love the whole look of it and it pretty much goes with anything.  I will wear this until it no longer functions...i promise you that!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Rainy day blues

Today I had the day off of school and of course mother nature decided that it should rain.  I took advantage of staying in and made these healthy mini blueberry muffins.  I love blueberry muffins but most that you can buy at the store are far from good for you.  The muffins I found here are healthy and delicious.  I decided to share them with my boyfriend and his mom, they both love them.  When making the muffins I decided to take the advice of one of the blog's commenters named Adrienne who modified the recipe to make it even more enjoyable.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

little details

Candles are pretty but stylized candles are prettier.  I have a collection of jewelry that has broken over time due to wear, saving scraps of jewelry makes great decorative elements for anything that needs a little snazzing up.  In this case, i took the broken scraps and created these beautiful candles.