Monday, September 19, 2011

Chocolate Puddle Cookies!

I was looking for a quick and simple recipe to make for dessert the other night, I wanted something in the form of a chocolaty cookie, and that is exactly what I found. There are only a few ingredients included in this recipe, the main ones being walnuts, confectioners sugar and egg whites, sounds funny right? I was skeptical that putting them together would even make an edible cookie, but sure enough they did.  After trial and error in respects to the baking process, a great tasting cookie emerged. The cookie was gooey, nutty and delicious.  If you want to try these cookies you can find the recipe here!

ps...I had some issues with the cooking time.  It really varies (as stated in the recipe) if you cook them too little, they will stick to the parchment and are far too gooey, I experienced this issue with the first batch.  If they are cooked too long, they will crumble.  Whether these cookies turn out correctly depends directly on your own perception of their doneness...they should look how the picture does (above) nice and glossy with many cracks.  It took me messing up one batch for me to get them right. Im sorry for the vague instructions.


  1. It looks delectable and yummy!

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  2. Oh, this looks yummy! Good idea making chocolate cookies in this way.

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