Friday, September 9, 2011

A Treat For Our Furry Friends

I have been interested in attempting to make dog treats for a really long time, but most of the recipes that I have come across contained really strange ingredients that I had no idea where to find. The other day I, once again, got the itch to make something for my crazy collection of dogs and thats when I came across this recipe.  The treats were so simple to make and I had all of the ingredients for the cookies in my pantry!  The main ingredients were carrots, bananas and apples, some of my dogs favorite "human" foods.  After they baked and cooled I gave them to the experts for tasting, they were a success! My dogs loved them and the best part was that I actually knew what my dogs were eating, which is far less than what I can say for most store bought treats! Here is the recipe, try making homemade treats for your dogs, I am sure they will be very grateful.

ps...below is my lineup of companions, show me yours?








  1. i this is so cute i bet they were so grateful :)

    <3 steffy

  2. You sure have a lot of dogs Brittany! <3 I will have to try this recipe for River... Rustys sister.

  3. I need try doing something like this for mine too! Such a good idea. x

  4. omg this is so cool! i wanna bake them with my furry friends and eat them with my furry friends and one day possibly become a furry friend! like i alway say, Wake and Bake brrrraaaaa