Monday, May 16, 2011

Indonesian Ginger Chicken

The other night I wanted to make chicken for dinner, vague right? Yes, well come to find out that if you type "chicken recipes" into a search engine your result will be millions of recipes which include "chicken" in its title. In the spirit of trying something new, I began narrowing the recipes down from pies, casseroles and tacos to soups, patties and and pizzas (this was not an easy task).  At the end of it all I ended up with this chicken recipe called "Indonesian Ginger Chicken", which had promising ratings and interesting flavor combinations.  It also gave me the opportunity to learn how to quarter a chicken, which, with the help of this video, is not as gruesome as your imagination may lead you to think. The process of finding this recipe proved to be worth it, the chicken turned out delicious, each piece was so moist and had such good flavor.  To make the meal complete, I paired the chicken with asparagus and orzo.  You can find the chicken recipe here. Enjoy!


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